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The reason's people volunteer is deeply personal and extremely varied.  It takes unique individuals to give up 1-2 weeks of their time and fully self fund their volunteering experience.  There is no one 'right' reason to volunteer, below is what a few of our volunteers experienced and took away from their time in Timor Leste & Cambodia with us.

Our Volunteers varied in age from 12 to 71, each and every one of them made a meaningful contribution that allowed the teams to deliver $252,513 worth of free dental treatment to 449 patients in 15.5 clinical days.

The volunteer positions included:

  • Dentists

  • Oral Health Therapists

  • Dental Assistants

  • General Volunteers (with no prior clinical knowledge - on job training)

Could you be apart of our next team going to Timor Leste?


Team One EBF & EBC Betulala, Maubisse Timor Leste 2018

Dr Sarah Lee

Churchill Eco Dental in Winston Hills NSW

University of Sydney 2015 

I am a dentist who travelled with Solar Smiles Dental Charity to Timor Leste in November 2018, and had an amazing experience working alongside passionate and caring people to deliver services to children with limited access to oral health care.  Services included a range of oral health education preventative and restorative treatment and emergency pain relief. 


Kim Groizard & Dr Phil Hill made it incredibly easy and efficient for the rest of the team to work effectively together.  The infection control protocols were also optimal and safe for delivery of treatment in an otherwise challenging environment. 


I am grateful to have shared this experience with a team that loves to serve and help others.  The Timorese children and teachers we met were also gorgeous and lovely, singing our toothbrushing song with much enthusiasm.  I am hopeful that through our preventative education and treatment, smiles will be brighter and healthier in Timor, one child at a time.  Thank you Solar Smiles for a great opportunity.

Amelia Judson

5th Year Dental Student - Charles Sturt University, NSW

Working in Cambodia as a 5th (and final) year of Dental Surgery with Solar Smiles Dental Charity was a life changing experience.

Not only was I able to build experience in already established skills in exodontia and oral surgery - I was able to deliver AUD $30,555 worth of dental treatment during my time there.

It was fantastic to collaborate and share ideas with both Australian and a Local Cambodian dentist Dr Boran Sueng, to learn from one another.  My experience also reinforced the importance of taking time out each year and using my unique skill set to aid others who do not have the ability to receive much needed treatment.

Team One Soksan Village, Cambodia Jan 2017

Team One Soksan Village, Cambodia Jan 2017

Raelene Hunt       

Rotarian - Rotary Club of Albert Park

(no previous clinical experience)


I enjoyed the opportunity to have a hands on role in delivering the dental program to children and staff at the Soksan School in Cambodia. 


Along with one other general volunteer, I was able to provide technical assistance to both dentists through on the job training. We were all working in difficult conditions, therefore this kind of assistance was very necessary and much appreciated.


It allowed the dentists to concentrate on using their skills to maximum effect and treat as many patients as possible in a limited amount of time. Each of the non dental volunteers performed specific tasks that contributed to the delivery of a service that was a first for this group of people. 


I am an active Rotarian who volunteers for service projects because I want to help make the world a better place, particularly for those who have little or no access to health treatments that most of us in the western world take for granted. I bring a sense of empathy, a willingness to learn, to understand what life is like for others, to put in hard work and to use my skills in any way that will benefit others. 

Through Rotary Australia Community Services (RAWCS), Solar Smiles Dental Charity is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission ABN 37 739 341 003

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