The laughter coming from the kids in the villages we visit will melt your heart.  Although they live in some of the poorest districts, they are not all that different from the kids here in Australia in regards to having dreams, hopes and goals for their futures.


Dental Care is just not about having straight white teeth from a clinical perspective it is about reducing the risks of:

  • Heart Disease & Stroke Risk

  • Dementia

  • Respiratory Problems

  • Diabetes

  • Premature Births

  • Male & Female Fertility

  • Cancers


From a cultural perspective it is about personal presentation to help them with finding good jobs and young girls being about to find kind and caring husbands rather than horrible men that will treat them poorly due to their looks.


You can support the dental health of one of these kids from as little as $2.14/month for 1 year.  With this you will ensure they receive:

  • Check up by a Solar Smiles Dental Charity Dentist
  • Full mouth charting to give the Solar Smiles team historical details to compare and contrast in future visits
  • Up to 3 fillings (although our team wouldn't leave a child in need without if not covered by sponsorship)
  • Any extractions required (not including specialist referrals)
  • 2 Toothbrushes with plastic travel cases - protecting from environmental factors
  • Fluoride toothpaste to be used daily at school under supervision
  • Oral Hygiene Instrustions - teaching them how to brush and information on diet. eg acids and sugars
  • Plaque disclosing tablet (pink & purple dye test) to show the children where they have and haven't brushed as a teaching aid
  • Application of Silver Fluoride on all molar teeth twice per year


What you receive in return:

  • Thank you letter, with a report of what the Australian Dental team achieved on their visit.
  • Detailed treatment record showing what was required and treatment delivered.  A list of any treatment that requires future treatment on subsequent trips.



(3% of the total donation will be taken by Rotary Australia World Communtiy Service for administration to give Solar Smiles Dental Charity Tax Deductability within Australia).


Obviously we are open to 1 off donations but would really prefer $2.16/ month set & forget donations, to be able to give the children long term ongoing dental care just like the kids in Australia receive.


Please follow this link to RAWCS secure payment site






1 Child - Dental Treatment & Ongoing Support for 12 months